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Due to an increase in cases of CoVID, I am fully shutting down and will no longer offer Marconic Energy sessions for the foreseeable future. Best of luck in your journey!

Jackson Carson

Marconic Ascension Energy Practitioner

About Jackson

Greetings, fellow bright beings!

For most of my life, as a highly sensitive empath, I’ve known that I have a calling to be a healer. Until I embodied Marconic Energy, no traditional energy modality resonated with me enough for me to develop a formal practice.

Now, I am delighted to have found a protocol that aligns directly with my own ascension path and my personal mission to raise the vibe on the planet, and help others ascend.

As a Certified Advanced Marconic Energy Practitioner, I can help enable you to come into deep and meaningful alignment with your Soul-Self at Source and create the opportunity to download, assimilate, and integrate new energies into your physical body.

From my home in Longmont, Colorado, I offer:

No-Touch – a foundational Marconic healing and ascension energy protocol to help you connect to higher dimensional aspects of yourself

Quantum Recalibration – an advanced ascension protocol (the “human upgrade”) to help you perceive, experience, thrive, and sustain at higher frequencies

Lux Magnum – an advanced energetic balancing protocol to activate a new electric and magnetic system in your body and to help you align fully with yourself at Source

I also offer Remote No-Touch sessions for high vibe beings anywhere in the world!

Take my hand and join me as we level up… Let’s go!

Let’s level up together!

In their words…

Jeffrey Allen
Tokyo, Japan

Author of “Duality Energy Training” for Mindvalley

Alison Anton
Boise, Idaho, USA

Author of “True Healing” and athletic trainer

There’s a SHIFT happening. Can you feel it?

Have you noticed that the planet is going through a huge transformation right now? There’s plenty of nasty stuff going on here in 3D density. The world is falling apart, right?

But there are also some wonderful things happening as the planet shifts into a higher vibration from the masculine to the feminine. From the dense to the etheric. Some people call this planetary transformation “the Shift”. Others refer to it as “3D and 5D Earth”.

It’s time for Earth to be healed. And she’s doing it – with or without her human inhabitants. Some of us have decided that we want to go along for the ride in her ascension. To do so, we need to evolve as humans. And quickly.

Marconic energy is here to help us do just that. Marconic Energy Protocols are available to us now to help us drop density, level up, and ascend with the planet.

Our purpose on this planet is to evolve. To develop. We’ve spent millenia in this endeavor. We try to tune to our Higher Selves and listen to our inner guidance in an effort to grow as humans. This is our calling.

Everything that has happened in your life up to this point has led you to this moment. Your Higher Self has guided you to this moment. The time for the human upgrade is NOW!

As your Marconics energy practitioner, I act as a clear channel – a bridge between the dimensions – to help facilitate any upgrades necessary for your ascension. Your Guides and Higher Selves do the work while I hold Sacred Space.

My Marconic protocol offerings


Marconics No-Touch is a foundational healing and ascension protocol that raises your vibration high enough to come into communion and connection with higher dimensional aspects of Self.

As a No-Touch practitioner, I work with your Higher Self to flood your energy system with Marconics frequency. The purpose of this infusion is to enable you to drop density and shed karmic imprints and debris to promote spontaneous healing in the manner that your own Higher Self deems appropriate and necessary for where you are in your ascension process. This healing can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual and can clear the way to help you align with your Soul’s purpose. Further, activation of dormant DNA may take place as part of the No-Touch protocol.

The No-Touch protocol can be conducted in-person or even via remote or distance healing sessions anywhere in the world.

Some benefits you may experience from a Marconic No-Touch session:

  • Align with your life’s purpose
  • Rise above the fear programming we are subject to every day
  • Experience spontaneous healing, as directed by your higher self
  • Shed karmic debris from your chakra system and release negative past life imprints
  • Attract people and opportunities that are in alignment with your path
  • Unlock your intuition and psychic gifts

Each No-Touch session cumulatively augments previous sessions leading to higher and higher vibration as you shed more and more density.

Accelerate your evolutionary process! Book an IN-PERSON No-Touch session in Longmont, Colorado or a REMOTE No-Touch session anywhere in the world.

I am available for weekend and evening sessions.

Energy exchange:
$99 – Remote
$111 – In-Person

Choose an option below to add to your calendar:


Quantum Recalibration

Marconics Quantum Recalibration” sounds like serious business, and it kind of is. Truly, Recalibration is an advanced ascension protocol. “The Human Upgrade”. It’s hard to explain this without going a little deep, so hold on tight. Here we go!

We humans are limited for 3D. Our energy systems are finite and self-contained – compromised so that we can survive and experience density on this planet. So far, so good, but we are effectively phase-locked in the density of the 3D matrix, going around and around on the karmic wheel.

As we raise our vibration, however, these limitations that have served us so well through time, have become real impediments to our ascension. To get where we are going, we need a new system. A new energy body. New energetic structures. Upgrades.

Recalibration is a one-time restructuring of your third dimensional energy system to a fifth dimensional body template. It allows you to become truly multidimensional – to perceive, experience, thrive, sustain and manifest at higher frequencies.

Your chakras are uncapped, expand, and will eventually unify, operating as one organ. More than half of your karmic density is removed during Recalibration. And your new chakra system will enable you to continue to shed karmic patterning from eons of lifetimes in density, liberating you from the karma wheel, at last.

Recal also expands your energy field – from finite to infinite. It activates the next level of light body, the Quantum Merkaba, which is used for multidimensional, intra- and inter-universal travel. Super fun!

And you become a negative ionic generator, vibing people around you who enter your field as you walk the planet surface.

Oh, and after a Recalibration you never “power down” to a lower vibrational frequency. You sustain your higher vibes and continue to go higher – continuing to drop density as you ascend!

A Marconic Quantum Recalibration requires 2 sessions held in-person within 72 hours of each other. This is a one-time protocol that never needs to be repeated.

Energy exchange:
$333 – for 2 sessions
(in-person; on separate days)

Add both sessions to your calendar:


Lux Magnum

The Lux Magnum is a once-in-a-lifetime upgrade to your electromagnetic energy system. This is even harder to explain than the Recal, so see if this resonates…

As we ascend, we are entering dimensions and energetic constructs that our old 3D energy bodies aren’t made to accomodate. To get where we are going, we need to assimilate frequencies from dimensions 7, 8, 9, 11 and higher. New electric and magnetic energy pathways are required for connection to where the higher levels of your own consciousness reside, are activated, opened and unified.

The Lux Magnum protocol upgrades your energy system, enabling you to draw down, anchor and integrate these higher frequency energies – in resonance with you – into your physical body on an ongoing basis. It is an augmentation of your multidimensional holographic body.

As a Lux practitioner, I serve as a bridge to create a space for you to come into deep and meaningful alignment with your Soul-Self at Source. You will discover a new level of connection and clarity after the Lux Magnum.

This awakening and alignment provides a unique opportunity for you to achieve a level of spiritual mastery, purity and integrity that will allow you to attain an even higher level of ascension: Soul Sovereignty.

That’s pretty much what we’re all going for, here!

Available for those clients who have had 3 No-Touch sessions or a Quantum Recalibration.

Clients can only have this session once in a lifetime.

Energy exchange:
$144 – 1 hour session

Add a Lux Magnum session to your calendar:



As a Certified Advanced Marconics Energy Practitioner through Marconics International LLC, I do not diagnose nor treat diseases or disorders, I do not prescribe medications, and I am not a physician. Marconic Treatments are NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment or medications. It is recommended that each individual consult with their primary physician or psychologist/counselor for any condition they may have.

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